Self-improvement is exhausting and time-consuming as an activity on its own. With Netflix and binge-watching sounding like a much easier and instantly gratifying option, how does one grow while still succumbing to the inevitable addiction of endless entertaining content and relaxation?

Standard Advice We Shall Ignore

(If we could then we would but we can’t so we shan’t)

  • Waking up earlier
  • Turn off all distractions
  • Book out time
  • Track your improvement
  • Buy a wearable device that has an alarm or shocks you
  • Exercise

While some of the above have merit, I can’t see us all abandoning our current vices for them entirely and so they are not deemed solutions. We will touch on some of their benefits in other articles.

 Just self improve on the go.

You heard me. You don’t need to cut out Outlander or make any sacrifices to make room for improvement. How dare you even insinuate.


Here are 5 ways to cush it:


Use that commute

  1. Listen to Audiobooks, Podcasts or Ted Talks whilst commuting. If you travel to and from a place every day, use that time to listen to a book by a mentor in your field or someone who inspires you to excel. Digest a Podcast or Ted Talk on a topic that you can learn and benefit from. These commutes could improve your profession, spiritual beliefs, self-esteem, mental health or even your love life. Whichever you would like to grow that day. Depending on where you live in the world, you may face long waits in doctors rooms. Don’t hit the pause button when you arrive, keep listening until your name is called.


Ich bin ein Berliner

  1. Learning a new language or improving on one you kind of know is not something people run away from entertainment for. So let’s keep it real and mash the two together. Where ever that language is from most probably produces local content. These include series, movies, YouTube videos, books, magazines and chat groups, and theatre productions. So whatever your poison, the internet will surely guide you to resources that double as binge o’clock and language learning. You’re welcome.


Netflix ‘n Chill Treadmill

  1. Don’t even get me started on dragging myself to the gym. However, most content platforms allow you to download their goods when it suits you for later-watching. Enter exercise. Pop your phone or tablet on whatever exercise machine of your choosing and keep living your best life.


Soon Everything Will Arrive By Drone Anyway

  1. Most grocery shops have online stores and deliver to your home and office. Why walk up and down the isles after a long day of work or parenting when it could all be done for you? Reduce your time spent on this by setting up a monthly recurring order of the basics you need. By all means, add another order as the month goes on to replenish or pop to the shops once in a while if you miss the experience to grab what you need. But if, like us, you could do without the chore, let it come to you. Did we just buy you a few extra hours of freedom from mundane responsibilities? Let us know in the comments what you plan to do with it.


Fight Your Own Battles

  1. There are experts for everything. Don’t be a needless hero. You are good at what you do just as others are good at what you don’t do. If you have policies for health care, car insurance or life, find a phenomenal broker to manage them for you. It does not cost you extra and they fight the good fight on your behalf when claims need to be made. Their entire job involves knowing the ins and outs of insurances and the laws that govern them. Let them get the best out of your policies for you. Don’t waste valuable time and energy on a sector you know little about. This goes for accounting and taxes as well. And my goodness, imagine all the bureaucracy and call centres you can avoid.


Some Other Nuggets of Wisdom

  • Finish your hair & makeup on your commute
  • Meet your friends at a trampoline centre, jump around and have fun. This covers a fair portion of your week’s exercise quota – Fact
  • Freeze leftovers so that you don’t always have to cook or order in
  • If you have room in your budget, pay someone else to carry out chores you’d rather not
  • Buy in bulk so that you don’t have to give it a second thought for a good while

Does self-improvement sound less daunting?