“I wish I could travel.”

“Uh I hate you, you’re always travelling.”

I hear these way too often around the office. A lot of us must earn in similar brackets, that’s just science… or economics if you’re going to fact-check me. No one likes a snitch, Karen! So what is stopping my colleagues?

Tree wirds fir ya, lass: 

  • Budget
  • Priorities
  • Commitment 

Starting with the last one, because we’re logical like that, just book it. Seriously, if you could even just technically afford it, then set it in stone. Because I promise you, nothing makes you prioritise your income like panic does. You’ll follow that with quick and easy budgeting. Lay out your monthly expenses and print out your bank statement. CROSS 👏 OFF 👏 ALL 👏 THAT 👏 CRAP. Seriously, all those takeaway coffees add up.

“Frappe or Bali?”

I guarantee you’ll soon be travelling the world using that question before every purchase. Cancel monthly subscriptions that you automatically pay for but don’t use. That’s helpful for the long run in general. Assign an amount you should work towards saving each month #goals. If you’re hardcore, put the #goal in your savings right when your salary hits. 

“Pay yourself first” – Rich Dad, Poor Dad

You will hustle harder to make up for anything else as the month goes on. You’ll often find you have excess at the end of the month to add to your savings.

That is all. Go travel. 


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